Our facility provides outpatient DIALYSIS 6 days per week. We use the latest technology in our equipment and supplies.

Currently, we have three shifts on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and two shifts on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. We believe our DIALYSIS staff is the best in the field of kidney disease in Southwest Missouri and they take pride in the “personalized” care they provide daily. Visitors from all over the United States always comment on how friendly and professional our nurses and techs are and that is why we have many return visitors year after year.

NxStage In Home Dialysis

The NxStage System One home DIALYSIS machine is a small machine (15X15X18 inches) and weighs about 75 lbs. This new technology does not require a home water treatment system and is 100% portable. 100% of our patients who are currently using NxStage say they have never felt better, and it shows. This type of DIALYSIS allows you to regain your freedom and independence from schedules and is perfect for the dialysis patient who is still working full or part-time. If you have more questions you can visit there website at or call Rhonda, our home DIALYSIS program coordinator

Home Therapies 
Offering: NxSTage Home Hemodialysis
                 Peritoneal Dialysis

We offer both CAPD & CCPD at our facility. With two registered nurses who oversee our permanent and visiting home patients, our program is unrivaled. Rhonda & Mandy are trained in both Baxter and Fresenius home training and offer support to many visitors who come to vacation in Branson, MO. If you are interested in learning more about peritoneal dialysis, please feel free to give them a call.

Acute Dialysis

Our physicians support and provide all of these dialysis therapies at Cox Medical Center in Branson Missouri. We provide inpatient therapies for all kidney disease related complications and our two full-time registered nurses  Shay and Lowell,  have more than 30 years of combined DIALYSIS experience in all types of DIALYSIS therapies. More information about Cox Medical Center Branson, MO visit their website at

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