Acute Dialysis

Whether your kidneys have been injured or you are recovering from major surgery and need support, we provide all types of dialysis therapies for patients who have been hospitalized. Our mission is to help your kidneys heal as your body recovers.

What is Acute Dialysis?

Trauma to the kidneys can cause temporary kidney failure and dialysis may sometimes be indicated. This means your kidneys need some help to recover. Recovery can take a few days or months depending on the type of injury.

Car accidents, overdoses, and allergic reactions can bruise and injure your kidneys, causing them to shut down. Patients recovering from a major surgery, like heart surgery, or having a severe allergic reaction to a dye procedure may require dialysis to support the kidneys while the body heals.

Branson Nephrology & Dialysis

Our experienced team works with hospitalized patients to provide the best dialysis care possible. We coordinate your therapies with your primary care physicians and specialists to ensure you the safest road back to recovery.

Sometimes you will recover while in the hospital and other times you might need a few weeks in an outpatient hemodialysis facility. Our kidney specialists will create a plan specific to your recovery and will follow you closely during the process. You will be seen at least weekly in the outpatient facility until your kidneys have recovered.

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