In-Center Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis uses a dialyzer, or artificial kidney, that acts like your real kidney to remove wastes, chemicals, and excess fluid from your blood. Our trained and experienced staff of nurses and certified technicians perform your treatments and coordinate with your kidney specialists and healthcare providers.

Kidney Failure & Dialysis

Many patients say they feel fine and are surprised to hear that they require dialysis because their kidneys have failed. Kidneys rarely fail overnight. It takes years, even decades, of damage to reach a point where the kidneys simply can no longer filter your blood.

After patients begin dialysis, we often hear them say, “I had no idea how sick I was, and I feel so much better now.” Dialysis takes on the role of your kidneys to remove waste and excess fluid from your body. You will definitely feel better when you start dialysis.

Chronic kidney failure means there is little hope of your kidneys recovering. You have the choice of choosing a dialysis therapy or choosing not to have dialysis. If you do not choose dialysis, your doctors will manage your kidney failure medically for as long as possible.

What is Hemodialysis?

The process of hemodialysis requires a dialysis machine, dialysis fluids, and a special filter called an artificial kidney. Toxins are removed as your blood travels through the artificial kidney. This type of therapy requires access to your vascular (circulatory) system. You will need to have a minor, outpatient surgery to have this access (fistula) created.

In-Center Hemodialysis

In-center hemodialysis is performed by a team of trained and experienced nurses and technicians. Over the course of three to four hours, we will circulate your blood out, and our special dialysis machine and an artificial kidney will “clean” toxins and excess fluid from your blood, returning the toxin-free blood back to you.

In-center hemodialysis requires patients to travel three times a week to a Medicare-certified outpatient dialysis facility. These facilities are highly regulated by federal and state guidelines to ensure the highest level of patient safety.

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