Palliative Care

Whether you are on dialysis or choose not to start dialysis, our kidney specialists will work closely with you and your family to manage the symptoms and side effects of your disease. This is referred to as palliative care. We respect your decision to choose dialysis, pursue a transplant, or address your symptoms with medical management.

Managing Your Symptoms & Providing Comfort

Palliative care is often misunderstood, but it can be an important part of your care. We discuss your goals for the life you want to have and whether the therapies or treatments you currently receive are achieving those goals.

We can help manage the symptoms and side effects of related treatments for kidney disease, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and many other chronic illness.

Achieving Your Life Goals

In dialysis we often say, “Do dialysis to live, but don’t live to do dialysis.” We strive to ensure your dialysis therapy helps you achieve your expectations for life. Our providers have years of experience helping patients navigate the bumps in the road that come from chronic medical conditions.

Palliative care is not only for the patient. It is also for their family. Kidney disease can be a burden at times. We hope to help you and your family with the worry, stress, and depression that can sometimes make managing kidney disease overwhelming. You do not have to do this alone. We have many options to help you and your family during these emotional and stressful times.

Is Dialysis the Right Choice for You?

Not all kidney disease patients wish to pursue dialysis therapy or a transplant. Some patients have multiple serious medical conditions, in addition to kidney disease, and make the informed decision not to start dialysis. Our office provides conservative medical management to those patients who wish to manage their disease without dialysis.

Medical Management

Every patient is on a different journey with specific desires for their quality of life. Some patients, after discussions with their families, may not choose to pursue dialysis or a transplant. Other patients may choose to discontinue their current dialysis therapy if they are not maintaining a quality of life acceptable to them.

Medical management is a personal decision, and we will always respect your right to make this choice. We can slow the progression of your kidney disease, but we cannot reverse kidney damage. The goal of medical management is to improve your quality of life without dialysis. We do this by addressing your symptoms, modifying your medications and treatment regimens, and performing check-ups when necessary to ensure your symptoms are being managed appropriately.

Branson Nephrology & Dialysis

Not interested in dialysis? Our team works with you to monitor your kidney disease and take any necessary steps with medication. We will meet with you every six weeks to check in on your health. Our team can also coordinate with hospice care programs to ensure you are comfortable in your final days.

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